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Helping You for Tomorrow

Financial Services for Individuals & Business Owners

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Focused on Helping You

Building and managing your legacy.

For over 25 years Dan Batty and his team have utilized a client-focused approach in guiding individuals, families and businesses with customized financial plans and services. Proudly serving clients as they work to create, build and manage their wealth and reduce taxes.

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Relationship Focus

As We Help You Realize a Successful Financial Future

Preparing for your next step in life isn't always easy. The road to financial stability can seem complicated, time-consuming and difficult — perhaps even a bit overwhelming. Life is full of responsibilities and priorities that it can be hard to find time to start or even to know where to begin.

Whether you are readying for a milestone life event, such as retirement or the sale of a business, or simply looking for financial protection for the future, we’ll offer you a new level of: 


Solely focused on you throughout the length of our relationship.


Gaining a better understanding of what you need and goals you’d like to achieve.


Taking each step in the time and manner you feel comfortable with.

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About Dan's Team

A group of experienced professionals dedicated to your financial well-being.

Our Focus Is Centered Around You, Your Circumstances and Your Objectives

At uFinancial, we offer a straightforward approach to building financial strategies. We take the time to understand your needs, explain different options to you, and earn your trust before offering possible solutions.

By working with us, you can take meaningful, manageable steps toward developing an integrated strategy to help achieve a secure financial future. Since your financial situation is bound to change, our team will work with you over time to monitor your progress and help ensure you are on track to achieving your goals. 

So, What Sets Us Apart?

Our ethics, commitment to operating under a fiduciary standard of care and value of services are clear throughout our relationship.

You can expect recommendations in your best interest, built to open your eyes to otherwise unknown possibilities.

Building Personal Relationships

Boutique, Yet Resourceful Experience

At the End of the Day, Our Philosophy Begins With You

Every plan we create is centered around you — your desires, your needs, your family's well-being. Your story and goals lead the way as we help you develop financial security. And, if you’re an employer, we help you build plans that not only attract but retain employee talent. 

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Daniel P. Batty




Designation from the CFP Board of Standards, Inc.

Chartered Financial Consultant®

Designation from the American College

Certified Family Business Specialist

Designation from the American College

Certified Fund Specialist®

Designation from the Institute of Business Finance

Certified in Long-Term Care

Designation from The Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc.

BS Marketing with Minor in Business Logistics

Penn State University

Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts of America

Client-Focused Solutions

Driven by Your Goals

Providing You With the Flexibility

You’ve Been Searching For

Choosing the strategies appropriate for your unique situation can be simpler than ever before. With access to a network of provider resources, we’ll guide you through the complex and ever-changing world of risk and opportunity.

Whether You Are…

A Business Owner

Seeking a benefits program that attracts and retains employees, as well as a concierge service and resource year-round. 

…We Can Help


Group Life /
Disability Insurance


Medical /
Dental / Vision / Some health insurance products offered by unaffiliated insurers.


An Individual or Family

Interested in learning more about your financial position and how it relates to your goals.

…We Can Help

Life Insurance /
Disability Insurance

Roth IRA

529 College
Savings Plans 


We’re Firm Believers That Knowledge Is Power

In financially educating our clients, we hope to put power back into their hands. This is why we integrate financial literacy education throughout the planning process.

We work with individuals and businesses that are open to learning about the principles that will shape their future. We want you to understand how your plan is working for you and how a specific course of action has been designed to help fulfill your goals.

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Getting Started

Our approach is deeply foundational.

A Client Experience

That Is Personalized to Your Needs

We begin our process by getting to know you honestly, so we can determine how our services and experience can help you on your financial journey.

Finances can be an emotional topic for many, and we understand that millions of decisions have brought you to where you are today. We seek to understand your motivations and desires so we can help you establish financial goals that align with your core values.

Our Straightforward Planning Process


Discovery and Understanding

During the exploration process, we analyze your financial situation through a detailed fact-finding conversation. We’ll learn about your goals and discover the issues that are most important to you.


Professional Analysis and Design

Next, we’ll review what steps you may have already taken to achieve your goals. This will help us identify possible solutions that make sense to you.


Education and Identifying Your Ideal Strategy

At this stage, we will find the right combination of strategies that feel right to you, your lifestyle and the goals you have in mind. 


Take Action

Our team will complete all of the steps necessary to implement the strategy that syncs with your vision moving forward. Financial plan recommendations can be implemented with the advisor of your choosing. Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial planning fee.


Periodic Review

Over time, we will conduct ongoing check-ins built around your life to assess progress, life changes and possible challenges. If your goals change, your financial plan should evolve with it, and we will adapt to keep up with you and any life changes you have.

Take the First Step To Clarify Your Financial Goals

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Proudly Serving Individuals & Businesses

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Whether your financial goals are personal or business-related, we’ll work with you to determine the steps needed to achieve them. Use the form below or schedule an introductory call today to begin.

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